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factoria is a members only workspace and community for those looking to work, learn and enjoy Tokyo life.

We pride our selves on the community we build for its members (factorians). We have english speaking assistance/ community manager present on site to encourage members to meet and interact. factoria is the perfect place for international visitors to land and start to build their own community.


Price. & Plan. (all in yen)

​monthly fee:


setup fee:​



bond            (1 month, returnable)



company registration


locker space


 how people use it


Our members (factorians) use our space in many different ways.

  • as a shared office space/co-working space to work on startup, business, project

  • as a workspace over the weekends to enjoy the events and the community

  • to meet with new people and brainstorm new ideas

  • conduct seminars to earn revenue

  • attend events organized by factoria or organize events yourself

  • A great place to network, get introductions and build your community with people at many levels of business


​free desk・ wifi ・ laser printer・scanner・prpjector ・phone・mini-kitchen ・fridge ・espresso machine・use of address・ company registration* ・locker*(*extra fee)・NO guarantor required 


Our Mission

We believe work/life balance is key to happier life. For those looking to live their life to the full, we aim to create and provide spaces and community which will include work space, relaxing space and living space in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. As a starting, we have created factoria nishiogi, a co-working space in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo, just 1 min away from the JR station to kick-start achieving our mission.


Rizz , Marketing manager

The support we received for our event is astounding!!

Coming from outside of Japan and hosting an event in Tokyo wasn't as nerve-wracking as I expected it to be, all thanks to Factoria!

The support they offered from event postings, inviting of participants, procurement of food and drinks, even the translation during the event proper is amazing. Honestly, we can't thank them enough.

I seriously highly recommend this coworking space for your upcoming event in Tokyo! The place and the people there are simply awesome! We'd definitely love to go back.



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let's chat!


become a member

our community manager will ensure you feel right at hime​

Team factoria
Hiromi Sato


After working as sales/nutritionist at Japanese pharmaceutical company, established HAM Inc in 2010. Started by providing inbound consultancy service to Oita Prefectural Government. Then started to operate restaurants in Akasaka and Omotesando in Tokyo and ran hospitality business for 6 years. After years of experience in restaurant trade, established international co-working place in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo called factoria in 2017. At this space, focusing on creating strong community amongst its members and associated parties by capitalizing previous hospitality experience.

Emblem Hotel Inc. CEO
Yosuke Irie


Spent total of 15 years between UK, US, Sweden and Singapore. After working for real estate company, supported publicly listed hotel chain with creating business plan as a hotel consultant and sales of hotel assets of resorts, full service hotels and business hotel chain. After many years of hotel related experience, started a company and opened first hotel, Emblem Hostel Nishiarai in Dec 2015, Emblem Stay Kanazawa in Dec 2017 and planing to open another establishment in Hakone in 2018.

Million Steps Inc. COO
Yuta Iguchi


Created and operated trading and digital marketing company during living in New Zealand for 18 years. After returning to Tokyo, supporting mobility, healthcare, security related hi-tech companies, especially from Israel entering the Japanese market by creating go to market plan suited for the Japanese market as well as advising Japanese corporates on utilization of Israeli hi-tech to develop new business opportunities as a partner of Million Steps. On personal capacity, sit as an advisor to companies entering the Japanese market and Japanese companies expanding internationally.

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