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Sannintou - Nishiogikubo, Tokyo

By accident, we found this gem of a spot for lunch in Nishiogikubo. Because we liked this place so much, went back there for dinner on the same day.

Ambient lighting and indigeous (?) BGM sets unique atmosphere from lunch time.


Sannintou is owned by three guys, offering Italian-ish food for lunch and dinner.

For lunch, we tried two types of pasta that was on offer that day, Pork Cheek Pasta and Lemon Cream Pasta.

Pork Cheek Pasta:

Tender and juicy stewed pork cheek in tomato sauce, marinated in al dente pasta was exactly what we were looking for. However, I had food envy...

Lemon Cream Pasta:

Creamy sauce pasta with hint of lemon with freshly cooked oyster was to die for! We could not get enough of this and as a result, we ended up going back at night for dinner :)

【Info】 Sannintou Open:12pm-12am Address:3-17-5 Nishiogiminami, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan Tel:03-5346-2891


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