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Wine Cave Manavino

In the same building (Comet Building) as factoria, there is an awesome restaurant called Wine Cave Manavino. It is owned and operated by Manabu-San, the dishes he comes up with and creates out of this cave is out of this world!

The happy hour starts from 5pm and you can pick up a glass of wine for 300 yen until 19:00. Our favourite is Lambrusco (red sparkling wine) and we just can not seem to get enough of this after a long day collaborating with members from factoria.

Since wine Cave Manavino is just 6 floors below factoria on the same building, it is one of our most common hangouts after work.

The creative session continues after hours fuelled by fine selection of creative juice (wine) and food to die for.

Here is what we had last night.

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Is this is in the menu, this is a must try! It's a beef cutlet, topped with sprinkle of cheese and freshly chopped mini tomatoes accompanied by seasonal roasted vegetables.

Restaurant: Wine Cave Manavino

Owner: Manabu-san

Address: Comet Building B1F, 2-3-9 Nishiogikita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Hours: Mon to Sat 17:00 ~2:00

Closed: Sunday

Tel: 03-6913-8039


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