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Pitch Night by factoria nishiogi


Over the weekend, we had our first Pitch Night at factoria nishiogi. There are so many pitch events in Tokyo, so why pitch at factoria? That’s because at our pitch night, it is about sharing your passion. We believe passion is worth sharing. It does not necessary have to be about your tech company that you are building, as long as you are passionate about a subject and you are working at or on that subject, it is worth sharing to others!

On the first night, casually drinking and mingling, 3 people pitched and shared their passion.

Okada-san from APIR (Asia Pacific Institute of Research), he shared his interesting view point and opinion about successful entrepreneurs after working and supporting so many startups in the past in Japan.

Pranav, who grew up in India, lived in Australia for many years and recently moved to Tokyo and working for Rakuten as a manager of APAC shared his passion and his personal project 52in52, which is about meeting 52 people in 52 weeks. He explained the reason behind the project and what it means to him. We were all moved by his philosophy and determination for this project.

Takumitsu, who created web design company 7 years ago, shared the journey of how he started the company and now grown to 20 people managing large clients. The struggles he had and decisions he had to make to grow the company to where it is now.

We will continue to provide an opportunity for people to shear their passion at factories nishiogi. If you would like to come and share your passion to others, please contact us and come and join the pitch event at factoria nishiogi! We are all eager to hear what you are passionate about!

Please contact the team at


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