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airbnb experience - nishiogi

Recently, Airbnb is putting a lot of effort in Airbnb Experiences in Tokyo.

There are constant meet ups organised by Airtbnb crew in Tokyo to host Experiences hosts to meet and exchange their experiences they offer. The team at factoria nishiogi, we simply love the local vibe here at Nishiogikugo and we have decided to share this with the world.

airbnb experience factoria nishiogi

As a result, an Airbnb Experience was created to provide authentic way to experience Nishiogikubo, like a local. Through this experience, you will be able to meet with the local restaurant owners, become friends and enjoy the night alongside the locals!

A professional photographer was kindly organised by Airbnb crew and went out into the streets of Nishiogikubo Yokocho to enjoy ourselves.

nishiogikubo yokocho airbnb experience

Nishiogikubo is only 15 min train ride away from Shinjuku Station on Chuo Main Line and Yokocho is less than 30 sec away from the station.

Nishiogikubo is a must visit destination if you want to experience real Tokyo!

Keep you posted with the Airbnb Experience status!

Feel free to contact us for more info >


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