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Wix meetup Tokyo

Wix meetup in Tokyo at factoria nishiogi

At factoria, we host many of Wix seminars and workshops to those interested in learning how to use Wix to create websites and to promote their businesses. These seminars and events are conducted by official Wix Ambassador Ryoji Hirakawa every months. As a result, the Wix Community in Tokyo begun to grow. It was time to have a casual meet up to connect fellow Wix users in Tokyo and share their experiences over casual drinks and food.

The first meet up was held on the 23rd of June 2017.

The event gave an opportunity for Wix users to get to know each other and often, the conversation lead to Q/A session. One would ask a question in regards to an issue they are having and in most cases, someone from the guests are able to provide a solution to their problem.

Everyone who attended the event seemed to enjoy themselves and got something out of it, we will be having another meet up event in near future.

For the event details, please keep an eye on our event page here.


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