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factorian interview series #1 Louis-Étienne Vallée

Welcome to the interview series #1 of our members here at factoria. As our members, so called “factorians", we have co-workers from different field, industries, countries and backgrounds, we thought it is a good idea to interview them and get to know them better. Perhaps to other members and people contemplating becoming a member of factoria.

Today, we ask one of our member, Louis-Étienne Vallée, originally from Montreal Canada.

How long have you been in Tokyo?

I've been in Japan for a year now.

Where were you before Tokyo?

I was living in Montreal (Pq), Canada.

What do you do?

I have made a career in the creative field for over the past 15 years, emphasising on animation and illustration. Starting out, I worked in design agencies, thought after a few years, my willingness explore led me to do animation. I was part of animations production for television for while, and then more recently, I began taking part of making web based video games. All in the meanwhile, I would also illustrated projects over the years.

Since I’ve been in Tokyo, I want to things to another level, and just a create body work which I will be my own and know for. .

Here are his amazing work > Louis-Étienne Vallée

Why have you decided to live in Nishiogikubo area?

This is the area I know best, whenever I am in Japan, I stay here.

What do you like/dislike about Nishiogikubo?

There is everything you need for your basic needs, also restaurants and bars, large parks with friendly people, attractions and seasonal events and the beautiful sanctuaries, without ever feeling crowded. It is not far from Kichijoji and Mitaka also, interesting areas to be frequented. Bike friendly.

Why did you choose factoria nishiogi as a co-working space / shared office of your choice?

Access to the JR line with fast trains. You do not necessarily have to go to the center to have access to great things.

Louis loves his coffee and he often teaches us about coffee and how to brew them properly like a pro! Nothing beats fresh aroma of coffee in the morning and hard to resist. He often ends up making coffee for all of us 😃 Thanks Louis!

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