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enjoy food like a local : airbnb experience

For a moment, can you picture a time you enjoyed most about your travel?

I can just see myself getting lost in the local scene and have unplanned events roll out from serendipitous meeting with locals and showing me their way of life. That is what the Airbnb Experience we have set up called “enjoy food like a local’.

Handsome Shokudo, Nishiogikubo, Airbnb Experience

About a month ago, I have decided to register and created an experience on Airbnb, simple enough but everything had to be approved by Airbnb and this took a while, however maintaining good content is very important. No to mention the fact that they will even send you a professional photographer to take photos of your experience!

While all of that was getting organised, I have been invited to attend the Airbnb Experience meet up so attended the event and met with fellow Experience hosts. It was amazing to see so many enthusiastic, passionate people providing what they know best as an experience in Tokyo. Experiences varied from Kayaking around Tokyo bay, which sounded awesome! to traditional Japanese Calligraphy session, which was so popular amongst tourists visiting Tokyo.

After the meet up, I was so pumped to get Nishiogikubo Experience up and running on Airbnb.

To promote the best part of Nishiogikubo to rest of the world, I have decided to share my best memories I had while travelling and reciprocate the experience for people visiting Tokyo, and created ‘enjoy food like a local’.

Upon returning to Tokyo, after spending many years living offshore, I was living in central Tokyo but kept coming back to Nishiogikubo to eat and drink most weeks. Why? Because it reminds me of a time I was travelling around the world, making friends through serendipitous moments and experiencing something new.

I hope I can deliver similar experience to travellers visiting Tokyo.

Last night was the first experience I have ever hosted with Airbnb Experience and it was fully booked in the first week. The experience will of course, start from factoria nishiogi, a co-working space and the creative hub of Nishiogikubo, with welcome drinks. The rest of the night, well you will find out by joining me at ‘enjoy food like a local” 😃


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