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Saint Germain Re-Opens after renovation

Saint Germain NIshiogikubo

Saint Germain, beloved bakery in Nishiogikubo has been closed for a while due to renovation. Today, 14th July 2017 was the reopening of the bakery and they did not disappoint.

As Tokyo is not really known for its breakfast culture, the only place you can relax with cup of coffee is usually a big chain operation. Unfortunately, Saint Germain is no different. Not exactly the way Nishiogikubo is known for, but when you need a coffee in the morning, you need that coffee!

Together with the smell of freshly baked selection of bread, it’s difficult to pass by.

Having said that, still opens relatively late as it opens at 8am...come on!!

I must say that the renovation made a difference to the atmosphere and to be honest, I kind of like it there. It was accidental that I visited Saint Germain this morning but being able to grab a coffee and some toast in the morning to kick-start the day, before heading to Nishiogikubo’s co-working space factoria nishiogi, kind of made my day.

I am sure that many of our members will become heavy users of Saint Germain.


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