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Omatsuri, around the corner

The rainy season is officially gone and the time for festival season to start in Japan. Omatsuri, the Japanese traditional festival was held at local school, just around the corner from the co-working space in Nishiogokubo, Tokyo.

Omatsuri,Yakisoba, Nishiobikubo, Tokyo, co-working space

From factoria nishiogi, we could vaguely hear the sound of festival coming form somewhere and that sound was persuasive enough to lure some of us out from the co-working space to check it out.

Once we got closer, it became clear that the luring sound was coming from the school around the corner. When we got to the gate, we hesitated for a while as it was obviously intended for kids and parents that attended the school. However, the temptation of festival foods, typically Yakisoba (fried noodle) and grilled corn was enough to jump into the pool of kids and parents 😃

As soon as we walked in, we purchased some ticked to be used at each stools, lined up to get what we came here to get, Yakisoba and grilled corn, plus a hot dog. It was great fun experiencing the atmosphere and grabbing some festival foods.

There will be more of these festivals during the summer time in Nishiogikubo area and we will be participating as factoria as well.

Let us know if you are around to join us!

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