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Nishiogikubo, Tokyo, Nightlife

"The best part of the evening was the small karaoke bar that we went to afterwards. It was truly a highlight of our trip in Tokyo and quintessentially Japanese. So much fun, and well worth the hangover the next morning!!!"

Nishiogikubo, Tokyo, NIghtlife

It was great receiving this kind of feedback from visitors from London, who was visiting Japan for the first time. The atmosphere of Nishiogikubo’s night life is somewhat different and they felt is was genuine local experience. As you can imagine, they have visited similar destinations such as Golden Gai in Shinjuku but the experience they had was totally different.

As usual, we have started the night with welcome drinks at factoria nishiogi to get to know each other. After few drinks and getting to know each other more, we head out into our favourite part of Nishiogikubo, the Nichiogikubo Yokocho.

We start the night from Handsome Shokudo, it’s a Thai cuisine however, it is the best and the locals love to dine there and experience the atmosphere there. Our friend Ito-san from Handsome Shokudo always welcome us like part of their family.

Then, we head out to either snack Beni next door or Be, near by.

“Snack” is a local karaoke bar and is a unique experience. Often, it is located or hidden from rest of the shops and full with locals so can be difficult to get in unless you know them.

Here are some of other comments from the visitors.

"Definitely visited some locals only spots with great atmosphere@ Highly recommend this to anyone visiting Tokyo"

"The area and places we went are really nice and give you a REAL local experience out of the tourist side of Tokyo. "

If you are travelling to Tokyo, come and check out the co-working space in Nishiogikubo and join the local experience we offer through airbnb.

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