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Nishiogikubo, Tokyo, Thai Scene

As you could probably have guessed, we love Thai Food and we can not seem to get enough of it!

When you are visiting Tokyo, its obvious to try many Japanese cuisine as possible. Anything from Sushi, Tonkatsu, Yakitori to Ramen, there is not shortage of great Japanese cuisine. However, what you are missing out is other great cuisine, prepare and perfected by the Japanese.

For example, Nishiogikubo is well know by the Japanese to be little gourmet heaven and we can not agree more! There are so many varieties of owner operated Japanese cuisine restaurants but also Indian, Thai, Vietnam, Korean, Taiwanese, Italian and French to choose from as well.

Today, we will focus spot light on Thai Food in Nishiogikubo station area rated by factorials (co-working space factories’ member).

Ban Lung Nane

Ba Lung Nane by factoria nishiogi, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo

This is our favourite pick of Thai for lunch. Other than the fact that Ban Lung Nane is actually open for lunch, they offer great selection of set lunch menu.

Most of the time, we tend to choose between Gapao Rice and Thai Suki!

Unfortunately, we have just discovered that the restaurant was empty the other day after wanting to grab our favorite Thai lunch... Ba Lung Nane has just disappeared over night.

We do hope they will open up the restaurant again nearby soon.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk by factoria nishiogi, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo, Thai Restaurant

As they specialise in Thai Noodles and Rice, if you are looking for a quick fix at night and feel like Thai, this is a place to go! Wide selection of Thai Noodles to choose from and I will make no attempt to make recommendation here. You just have to try it out and see what like the best.

Handsome Syokudo

Handsome Shokudo by factoria nishiogi, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo, Thai Cuisine in Tokyo

As you have probably guessed, and yes, we love Handsome Shokudo.

Why do we love much? It’s the combination of everything. The atmosphere is super unique as it is located in old part of Nishiogikubo, called Yokocho, there is no place like it! The selection of food they have is great and they are just so tasty and cheap! You can try out so many dishes but will not cost you arm and leg. And the staff, their hospitality is like no other but this part may be biased as we go there so often and we know them very well 😃

However, these are the three places we love to dine and I would highly recommend you to try if you are visiting factoria for events or Nishiogikubo for a stroll.


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