Nishiogi Hiru-ichi, Tokyo Experience

After posting Nishiogikubo Yokocho’s Hiru-ichi earlier, together with the Wix Ambassador, Hirakawa-san from Tokyo decided to go and grab something to eat at there.

Nishiogi Hiru-ichi happens every 3rd Sunday of the month. If you are looking for an authentic local experience in Tokyo, this is a must attend event!

It was great to have offsite meeting for once over a relaxed environment, such as Hiru-ichi.

We ended up having a great time and conversation leading to new ideas on Wix event to bring more value to the people looking to use Wix to create their own sites, personally or for the business.

It was grea to see all the stores come together as a community to entrain guest coming to Nishiogikubo Yokocho. Anyone can sit any restaurant and order anything from anywhere. This has become an event that is known to many local people despite much PR work being done.

This is what we love about Nishiogikubio, the sense of community we get from the local people collaborating. We aspire to create similar community here at factoria. As we create and conduct many international events, such as airbnb experience, Tokyo Cheap meet ups, and startup events to name a few, we hope to create international community of talented creatives and business minded people to do something within Nishiogikubo one day!

The next Nishiogi Hiru-ichi will be happening on the September 17th from 11am until 15:00.

If you are interested in going, please let us know so we can all go together!


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