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International Night at Nishiogikubo!

Last Friday night, together with Tokyo Cheap, factoria hosted an international meet up at Nishiogikubo. As we have expected, we had a great turn out of over 50 people and had an epic night!

TokyoCheapo x factoria meet up, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo, International meet up

We had guests from all over the world, South Africa, Australia, Panama, New Zealand, England, Taiwan and many others come together in factoria along with members from the co-working space and guests who attends events regularly hosted at factoria that night to connect and make friends.

This is something that we wanted to do for a quite sometime and since we had a great time, we will be doing this regularly.

TokyoCheapo x factoria meetup, NIshiogikubo, Tokyo, International Meetup
TokyoCheapo x factoria meet up in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo

After the party, which was very late to be honest, we went out to a local Snack Bar we usually take

guests to have a massive karaoke session, the local Japanese style. The people came and joined us on the Nijikai (after-party) have been living in Japan for many years but have not been to a snack bar before surprisingly. Being at the snack bar for the first time always make the night fun 😃

NIjikai, Snak Bar, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo Experience, factoria

Nishiogikubo and Nishi-Tokyo area, which is West Side of Tokyo is relatively unknown to travellers and foreigners wanting to find a place to live in Tokyo.

Nishiogikubo, Ogikubo and Kichijoji area has great access to the city, being only 15 min or so via train to Shinjuku Station from Nishiogikubo and 16 min to Shibuya by Inokashira Line from Kichijoji.

Not to mention that the access from Narita Airport and Haneda is good also!

A bus goes out from Kichijoji to Narita and Haneda as well as being able to catch Narita Express from Shinjuku, makes these area a great choice to stay while you are visiting Tokyo.

If you have not visited these areas, you are certainly missing out on some great places and more importantly, missing out on the real Tokyo Experience!

Thank you Tokyo Cheapo for putting an awesome night with us!

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