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airbnb experience host interview #1 Yosuke Sakai, freelance developer and Suibokuga Artist

Yosuke Sakai, freelance developer, Suibokuga Artist

Yosuke is a freelance programmer based in Tokyo. However, his passion is art and he spends majority of time as an artist. He specialise in Japanese traditional Japanese art, Suibokuga (Sumie). Suibokuga uses black ink (sumi) and complicated brush techniques are used to create contrasted shadings. A piece by Hokusai Katsushika inspired him to get into this art form. In 2009, he begun his study under sumie-artist Shukou Tsuchiya.

Checkout his website HERE!

His paintings are different in a way as he uses minimal colour amongst predominantly black ink scene to emphasise particular element in the painting, such as flower. The balance he achieves between black ink and colour somewhat modernises traditional art in very subtle way.

To pursue his true passion, he conducts exhibition often to display his works to spread Suibokuga. As part of this, Yosuke decided to host an airbnb experience to teach travellers the art of Suibokuga. However to become an airbnb experience host, is no an easy task. Airbnb guests are looking for an unique experiences and to become the host, you will have to have a great story, experience and passion towards whatever experience they are trying to provide.

Yosuke’s experience truely offers unique experience from Tokyo and it was approved by airbnb with flying colours.

Over the long weekend, a professional photographer was arranged by airbnb and had a photoshoot session for this experience.

Yosuke invited people to be part of the experience for free in exchange for to be in the photoshoot at Nishiogikubo.

It was the first time experience for most and little nervous to start with but as they got used to using the brush, they became relaxed and conversations amongst guests started to flow.

As well as using traditional brush, he would teach guest to use paper to draw certain parts of the drawing. Something we have not seen before.

If you want to experience art culture of Japan, Yosuke’s experience is not to be missed while you are in Tokyo.

We will keep you posted with Yosuke’s experience and let you all know here when its up on the airbnb site.

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