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Digital Marketing Leaders of Japan's Secret Meet Up at Co-Working Space in Tokyo

Digital Marketing Leaders, Tokyo, Co-Working Space, factoria, Nishiogikubo

We were so fortunate to have so many, 30 to be exact, of influential digital marketing leaders of Japan come together at Nishiogikubo’s co-working space, factoria to discuss about the future of digital marketing in Japan. It was a closed event and we are planing to do this every couple of month at factoria! Basically, having a small Ad Technology Conference here at factoria.

In previous week, all of the panelists were actually on stage at AdTech Tokyo.

If you are interested in meeting and getting to know leaders of digital marketing in Japan, you should consider attending this event.

Even though, many of them do not speak english, we have few fluent English/Japanese speakers attending this event most of the time so introduction can be made easily.

After the event, we usually have networking opportunity at our favourite local restaurant. This time, we have fired out one of the best Thai Restaurant in Tokyo, Handsome Shokudo in Nishiogikubo.

Of course, we ended up in local Snack Bar.

Come on! Advertising industry what do you expect? 😃

Seriously, can’t wait to the next event!

For those visiting Tokyo and is interested in attending this secret meet up, please CONTACT US.

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