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TABI-LABO features our airbnb experience in Tokyo!

It was a pleasant surprise to find our airbnb experience "enjoy real local experience" in Nshiogikubo, Tokyo has been featured on the TABI-LABO magazine!

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I find airbnb experience provide me with a great opportunity to bring the best part of the travel to me, to meet with fun and out going people from all over the world and becoming friends!

Also as a marketer, I am curious to see how airbnb experience could be used to promote local businesses and ultimately the area. As we operate Tokyo's Co-Working Space in Nishiogikubo, I have started to experiment with Nishiogikubo area to see if our activities can make a difference.

The best part of this experiment is, I get to take people from around the world to my favourite local restaurants and bars to have fun every week! Loving it :)

If you are travelling to Tokyo, make sure you check out many of world class airbnb experiences available by awesome hosts in Tokyo HERE!

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