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Wix Workshop at Tokyo co-working space

Wix, workshop, co-working space, factoria, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo

After a big Wix meet up hosted by Wix last week in Tokyo, we had a great turn out to our Wix workshop conducted by Wix Ambassador Ryoji Hirakawa.

At factorial, we work closely with Ryoji to promote six to freelancers and people who are looking to start their own business to reduce cost for web development and management. Together, we conduct free sessions as well as more practical workshop every month at co-working space factoria in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo.

Due to high demand, we are increasing number of practical workshops here for those who have used or using Wix now and came across some issues that you may want to resolve.

At these workshops, it is divided in to several different categories to suit your needs.

  • SEO workshop, how to maximise SEO with Wix

  • EC workshop, what can you do to maximise revenue

  • Restaurant workshop, basics of setting up sites for your restaurant

We will be increasing categories from Dec 2017 and frequencies of the Wix workshops here!

Whether you are looking to set up new business, promote your freelancing work or create your hobby sites in Japan, you will gain insightful knowledge on how to use Wix and will be able to maximise its functionalities to drive sales.

Please sign up to receive regular events happening at factoria HERE!


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