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Members Interview: Oliver Murphy ,working as freelancer in Tokyo (part two)

For those who have not read the part one interview with Oliver Murphy, a London based freelance designer, we would recommend reading it first before progressing to read this part two of the interview.

During his stay in Tokyo, he has decided to create an exciting event.

Oliver Murphy's event at factoria

Tell me about the event you have organised and conducted at factoria? What was the purpose and what inspired to do this?

​The event was aimed to help Japanese companies share and discuss problems and opportunities

​currently ​faced by export. Most​ ​​Japanese retail ​companies have​ ​identified opportunities overseas, whether it be fashion, ​craft, ​retail, food etc​ - but seem to struggle when interpreting and branding Japanese culture for a western audience.

​​Together we hosted an evening of open conversations to discuss how design can help overcome these issues.

How did the event go?

It felt like it was a success​ judging from the reaction from people after the event.

​W​e had some really interesting people turn up from all sorts of backgrounds and everyone got

​involved and ask​ed some really interesting​ questions.

​ The panel was from various industries (design, digital, fashion and marketing) and that helped the discussion take different courses that I wasn't expecting. I will definitely look to expand the event next year and bring in new connections to keep the conversation evolving year on year.​ My aim would be to have someone from Good Design Award or the ministry or trade turn up next year.

Oliver Murphy's event at factoria, the international co-working community and space in Tokyo

​W​hat was the best memories you had while you used factoria?

Definitely the lunches. Hiromi is a wonderful cook. And​...​maybe my last night with you guys, hanging out into the early hours in ​O​gikubo will be and evening I won't forget.​

Thank you for all the great connections too. ​

Would you recommend factoria to others?

Of course, I think ​its simple really. Being around thoughtful and creative people is key to having a good life/work balance. factoria understands that.

Are you looking to come back to Tokyo and what would you do next?

Helping Japan is now part of my own business strategy, so yes of course. These things take time so I just want to keep the conversation going and hopefully I will be able to contribute my skills to help businesses have a wider audience overseas.

Early morning in Ogikubo

Above is what Oliver is referring to "early morning in Ogikubo" after the event.

I believe it was around 4am... had a blast

We are all looking forward to your return to Tokyo and have exciting times together with new members here at factoria!

Until next time!

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