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Local pasta lunch at Nishiogikubo

By looking through instagram, we have discovered new pasta place opened near factoria and we were obliged to try it out before our members did 😃

This place is called CM2 Makers. No idea what this means but we will find out soon.


The place has great atmosphere and the lovely staff greeted us in. We got chatting and discovered that the restaurant originated in Gunma Prefecture and the staff was from Haruna Lake area.

Haruna Lake is located 1,000 above sea level and is nice and cool during the summer and can enjoy frozen lake fishing during winter.

It is a perfect perfect spot for Vanlife but will write about this on another blog post.

As for pasta, we ordered recommended dish of the day, Creamy Lemon and Arrabbiata.


Being a creamy pasta, was expecting to be relatively rich but intense flavour of lemon makes this pasta light and refreshing. Even though this special dish is not available, they have other selection of Creamy Lemon pasta on the menu. I am determined to try all so keep you posted :)


As the photo suggests, its full of seafood, and delicious. This is part of normal menu and is a must try menu!


CM2 Makers is open for dinner from 17:00 so we will be definitely back with factoria members to enjoy great food and the atmosphere.




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