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Israel x Digital Marketing event in Tokyo

Israel x Digital Marketing, co-working community and space factoria, Tokyo

Late in 2017, we have conducted a closed event (Future of Digital Marketing in Japan) to gather influential digital marketers from Tokyo to discuss future of digital marketing in Japan at international co-working community and space factoria.

This time, we've named the event Israel x Digital marketing.

Israel has been getting a lot of attention lately in Japan and seems to be some movement with digital marketing technologies entering the Japanese market from Israel.

At this event, we have invited the CEO of Adinnovation and the Managing Director of Datoramna Japan as well as CEO of Million Steps to talk about the relationship they have with Israel and how its like to bring a digital marketing technology in to the Japanese market in a form of informal panel discussion, over a few drinks.

Israel x Digital Marketing event in Tokyo at co-working community and space factoria nishiogi

Adinnovation is a unique case as they have been acquired by an Israeli company, Taptica. This is one of a kind example here in Japan where Japanese digital marketing company being acquired by an Israeli company. He will share his experience dealing with Israeli during negotiation of the deal and once the company has been acquired.

Datorama is a digital marketing intelligence company originated in Israel. Mr. Fuse, who is the head of the Japanese operation, has been working with Israeli company for around 14 years in Japan. He has insightful knowledge on how to bring offshore technologies in to the Japanese market and making it successful as well as dealing with Israeli side as you could guess that there are some cultural differences.

Million Steps focus on providing services to Japanese corporates and Israeli innovative companies to bridge between two nations greatest assets and minds to spark innovations through collaboration. The CEO of Million Steps, Yoav Ramot, as an Israeli, who has spent in total of 7 years in Japan, created this company in Japan to realise his dreams.

He shares other side of the perspective, how he finds dealing with the Japanese corporates and how he is assisting Japanese corporate to collaborate with Israeli technologies to build new businesses.

At this panel discussion, way too many off-the-record topics were discussed, which excited the crowd but unfortunately, not many things I can write about it here openly.

This event is popular amongst guest speakers we invite as the space is intimate and its closed off to the public, which means they can have open discussion about topics they can not usually speak about in public. These kind of topics usually makes the event more exciting for panelists and attendees.

As usual, many of attendees stayed for the dinner and drinks at one of our favourite local restaurant in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo, Handsome SHokudo.

Israel x Digital Marketing, international co-working community and space factoria, Nishiogikubo, Handsome Shokudo,

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