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Ramen, the weekend lunch choice at Nishiogikubo

Ramen for lunch at Nishiogikubo, freelancer in Tokyo, co-working space Tokyo

As a freelancer, you often work over the weekend to meet the deadline, or even to take some time off during the weekdays instead of the weekend. That’s the freedom you get when you choose to freelance.

For some reason, more than usual number of members working from our co-

working space in Nishiogikubo than usual weekend.

For some reason, when you work on weekends, you want to have something different for lunch. Something to represent weekend, perhaps to indicate that we are having some time off, even though we are working from the co-working space. Something is needed to remind ourselves that it is weekend 😃

As we work out at gym most weekdays and try to choose healthier food options, we decided to have Ramen to remind our selves that it is weekend.

We often use this Ramen spot, located just 1 min walk from factoria called, HigoMon Zu Nishiogikubo.

Usually, this place is very busy during lunch time, especially over the weekend but we were in luck!

We have been here many times with our international guests who worked from factoria in the past and never failed to disappoint as a lunch option when working from factoria.

Here are more great lunch options in Nishiogikubo.


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