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EO New Zealand forum retreat at factoria

coworking space,tokyo,event,factoria

In September, we've had an EO New Zealand members came and visit us at our co-working space factoria.

For those who do not know EO (Entrepreneurs Organization), it is an global network of entrepreneurs with over 13,000 members across 57 countries.

Within each country, they form a working groups called Forum, where 6 to 10 members form tight relationships to help each other with their businesses and often go on retreat together to build closer relationships.

One of the Forum from EO New Zealand decided to visit Japan, and for many of its members, it was their first time here in Japan.

They have asked me to share my story about how I, as part of Million Steps, work between Israel and Japan to bridge businesses.

As it was their first time in Japan, we have arranged little more than myself to gain little insight into the Japanese market by inviting Hirofumi Yamaguchi (COO of Lenovo Japan) and Go Sugihara (CEO of ATARA, also advisor to factoria) to share their story.

coworking space,tokyo,event,factoria

Since this it was a closed event, exclusive for EO members and factoria members, speakers presented their experience in dealing with the Japanese market openly and honestly.

As usual, following the event, we have headed down to our favorite local Thai restaurant, Handsome Shokudo for dinner for truly local dine out experience.

One thing we all know about the EO members around the globe, they like to work hard and play hard! As we planned the evening for them, we know it was going to be a long night.

coworking space,tokyo,event,factoria

After dinner, we headed down to a local karaoke bar, which in local term called a Snack Bar. Conducting an event at factoria, having dinner at Handsome Shokudo and ending up late in the night at snack bar has become the thing to do at factoria when we have international visitors.

coworking space,tokyo,event,factoria


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